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What Does God Do With Our Sins When We Repent?

We have been taking the plaguing problem of self-condemnation and unforgiveness regarding our past sins and regrets and using it as a means to learn how to surrender our lives to the Lord.  And the crux of the issue always has to do with what we choose to believe.  We can base our relationship with the Lord on how we feel, or on what He says.  Which brings us to the great question we looked at yesterday:  What does God do with our sin?  We listed five of ten truths from His Word.  And for today, we have the follow-up question:  What else does God do with our sin?

Trust me, you’ll be surprised to see the great lengths the Lord goes to make sure we are not only forgiven but feel forgiven and experience the joy of full forgiveness.  Here are the first five we discovered:

One, God forgives our sins and transgressions.  Period.  You can find this truth in Psalm 32.

Two, God covers our sins so they can be seen no more.  This truth is also found in Psalm 32:1.

Three, God throws our sins into the depths of the sea.  This, and the next truth, are both found in Micah 7:18-19.

Four, God tramples our sins under His foot.  The imagery is of a father crushing the head of a serpent who threatens his children as they walk together on a trail.

And five, God removes our sins from us.  How much or how far?  As far as the “east is from the west”, according to Psalm 103:10-12.

But this is only the beginning.

What Else Does God Do With Our Sin?

God has a limitless supply of grace He freely bestows on those who confess their sins to Him.  Let’s quickly list the last five things:

Six, God puts all our sins behind His back.  This is from Isaiah 37:17.  Let the imagery of this verse sink in for a moment.

Seven, God chooses to forget our transgressions and failures.  His choice.  Our blessing.  This wondrous truth is found in Isaiah 43:25 and Jeremiah 31:34.

Eight, God cancels the debt of our sin.  Literally wipes it out.  See Colossians 2:13-14.

Nine, God cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  This is the second part of 1 John 1:9.

And ten, God “takes away” or removes our sins from us.  And we now end where we started, back at John 1:29.

Again, the choice offered to each of us when we struggle with past failures and regrets is to believe what the Lord says about our sins and transgressions or to hold on to what we feel about them.  And most Christians, especially when it comes to a choice of grace or condemnation, choose the latter.  Why?  Because it somehow feels good to punish ourselves for something God has chosen to forget.

To unpack these truths and learn how to get victory over this, keep listening.

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