Let me give it to you straight— no beating around the bush and no soft-pedaling.  The sin that makes God cry is being committed daily, not by pagan workers of iniquity but by multitudes of Christians— the sin of doubting God’s love for His children.

Do you think it makes God sound too human and vulnerable to say that He cries?  Then ask yourself how a God of love could not cry when His own people doubt His very nature. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, and according to the book of John He wept when those closest to Him doubted His love and concern.  That was God incarnate at the tomb of Lazarus, crying over friends who failed to recognize who He was.

Time and time again Christ’s dearest associates on this earth doubted His love for them.  Think of the disciples in a storm-tossed boat that was taking on water.  Jesus was in the stern of the boat, sound asleep.  Fearing for their lives, His followers shook Him awake and then accused Him of outright unconcern.  “Master, carest thou not that we perish?” (Mark 4:38).  How their accusation must have grieved the Lord!  That was God Almighty in their boat! How could He not care?  But whenever men take their eyes off the Lord and concentrate instead on their circumstances, doubt always takes over.  Jesus was astounded!  “How can you be afraid when I am with you?  How can you question My love and care?”

Christians today grieve the Lord in this matter even more.  Our unbelief is a greater affront to Him than the unbelief of Mary, Martha, and all the disciples, for our sin is committed against greater light.  We stand on a higher mountain and see more than they could ever see.  We have a completed Bible with a full and detailed record of God’s trustworthiness.  We have the written testimonies of almost twenty centuries of Christians, generation after generation of godly fathers who have passed down to us unshakable proofs of God’s love.  And we have countless personal experiences that testify to God’s tender love and affection for us.

Let us look for His exceeding mercy and love, admit the sinfulness of our unbelief, and recognize who He is!

By David Wilkerson
(May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011)