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In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus covers many subjects which all show us how to live in the Kingdom of our Lord.  Over and over again, Jesus revealed to us the new realities of the life of faith in His Kingdom.  Some of them include:

How to find true joy and happiness in the midst of suffering and turmoil – Matthew 5:3-12
How to find our true purpose in life – Matthew 5:13-16
How we are to now relate to the Law – Matthew 5:17-20

Then Jesus talks about the internalization of the Law.

He deals with anger, murder, strife, and unforgiveness – Matthew 5:21-26
Adultery, fornication, porn, and sexual sins – Matthew 5:27-30
Marriage and divorce – Matthew 5:31-32
Honesty, vows, oaths, and pledges – Matthew 5:33-37
Our “rights” and “privileges” – Matthew 5:38-42
And how to respond to those who hate us – Matthew 5:43-48

And that’s just in one chapter.  There’s so much more for us to learn about how to live with Him in His Kingdom.

Are you interested in discovering more about life in His Kingdom?  Then keep listening.

The following is a study on Matthew 5:1-2.

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