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With the winds of the coming persecution beginning to blow our way, we must ask ourselves this all important question:  Is there something we can do now, before the persecution begins in earnest, to prepare for what is soon to happen?

And we discovered the answer is, yes.  We can do the following:

One, we can totally commit our life to the living Lord Jesus.
Two, we can begin to disengage from the world’s system and begin to live in His kingdom.
Three, we can embrace persecution as a means of furthering the Gospel by looking beyond ourselves and looking only at Him.

Which sadly, leads to a few more questions that each of us struggle with.

How can I totally commit my life to the living Lord Jesus?  Is that even possible?
Is He trustworthy?
Will He keep His promises and  Word to me like He said?
Does He really love me that much?

To find out the answers to these question, keep listening.

The following is a study on Colossians 1:19-23.

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