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We have unfortunately let the emerging church people hijack the term community, or fellowship, or koinōnia, and turn it into something orthodox Christianity now rejects.  And that is a shame.  Nevertheless, community is how the Lord intended us to live.  Not convinced?  Then read the first few chapters in the book of Acts.

But a few questions remain.

How can we “esteem others better than ourselves”? (Phil. 2:3).
How can we “love (agape) one another as Christ has loved (agape) us”? (John 13:34).
How can we live in fellowship (koinōnia) together, “bearing each other’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ?” (Gal. 6:2).
How can we live in Christian community with each other, as a loving family, as part of His body functioning together as one?
Do we even want to live that way?
And, if we do, what would motivate us to love each other more than we love ourselves and to forgive each other— no matter what?
Is that even possible today?

Want to know more? Then keep listening.

The following is a study on Colossians 1:2 and grace and peace.

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