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The One and Only

One of the most encouraging lessons we can learn from the way John the Baptist responded to his hostile critics was the way he rested in the reality that he belonged to God.  He answered only to God, and he knew God was his great Defender.  And that reality alone gave him great courage not to take the abuse personally, but to use it as an opportunity to point to Jesus.  Yes, always back to Jesus.

But John came to this confident realization the same way each of us can come to the same conclusion.  And that’s by seeing this truth in Scripture and then trusting, with all we are, that it is true.  So, how do you learn to trust Scripture?  By living it out day by day, whatever the consequences, come what may.

For example, in Psalm 62:5-7, we have a perfect picture of David’s trust in the Lord, and only in Him.  Let these words bring you great comfort in times of distress, as I’m sure they did John the Baptist.

My soul (inner being with thoughts and emotions), waits (which requires faith) silently (no complaining, no matter the circumstances) for God alone (and no other), (why) for my expectation (hope, refers to the cord from Rahab) is from Him (and no other).  He only (and no other) is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; (therefore) I shall not be moved. In God is (present tense) my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.

God is Our Great Defender

Isn’t that amazing?  Meditating and living out this truth is what can help us develop the courage and confidence in God that John the Baptist showed.  And it will bring a smile to our Lord’s face when we trust Him and His Word to the point of doing our total surrender to His will, with no thought of what’s in it for us.

How the church needs this kind of confidence in Him today!  We need to embrace Him in faith as our Great Defender.

Commit yourself at the beginning of this new week to double your time with Him.  Why?  As we see the chaos rising all around us, we may not have much time to waste in fruitless endeavors as we have had in the past.

The clock is ticking.

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