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The Antidote for Anxiety

To understand what God says about worry and doubt, let’s look at a classic truth found in Philippians 4:6-7.  In this passage, the Lord gives us His perfect plan for both living free from doubt, fear and anxiety, and also how to experience a divine peace that is literally beyond all human comprehension.  Frankly, unless you have experienced it, you cannot begin to understand what it means.

So, let’s begin, as usual, by first examining this passage and then unpacking its meaning.

What It Says

(You, make it personal) Be anxious (to be troubled, concerned, worry, fear) for (about) nothing (mēdeís – not even one, no one, nothing, no matter what it is), but (contrast to being anxious) in everything (pás – each, every, all, the entire, the whole, without exception) by (how) prayer (to request or entreat God) and supplication (déēsis – to make known a particular need, an urgent or earnest request or petition to God), with thanksgiving (the act of expressing gratitude or showing appreciation, to praise), let your requests (to ask, petition, a formal message submitted to an authority which asks for something) be made known (gnōrízō – to cause to know something, to declare, reveal, to impress upon) to God; and (the promise) the peace (eirḗnē – tranquility arising from reconciliation with God and a sense of divine favor, harmony) of God (His peace or peace that comes from Him), which surpasses (huperéchō – over and above, to extend over or beyond, to be or become of greater quality or value, to use above and excel) all (pás) understanding (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, insight, and reason), will (promise) guard (phrouréō – to keep watch over as a sentinel, protect, keep safe) your hearts (the seat of all desire, feelings, affections, passion, impulses, the center of human life) and minds (that which is responsible for one’s thoughts, reason, understanding, cognition) through (who) Christ Jesus.

What It Means

(or what we can learn from this truth)

Some key points:

1. God tells (commands) us not to worry or be anxious for nothing— and He means just that, nothing… zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing.

2. Instead, we are to take everything (all that we could possibly ever worry about, without limit) to Him in prayer and supplication (or presenting a specific need or request to the Lord) and trust Him with the outcome.

Remember from Sunday:  When we pray, we are praying to the Sovereign Creator of the Universe.  And when we approach Him in prayer, we come as His child, dearly beloved by our Father.  So, with God as our Father, we have bold access to the throne of the King of the Universe every time we pray.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

3. When we come to Him in prayer, we must also come with thanksgiving, knowing He hears when we cry out to Him and promises always to do what is best for us.  So we thank Him in advance, in faith, for answering us when we pray and for what we know He will do on behalf of His beloved child.  This, more than anything, should bolster our faith and confidence in prayer.

4. Then, once we give our burdens and requests to the Lord, and leave them there, we experience, as a gift from our Father, a supernatural peace of knowing our deepest concerns and fears are now in the hands of the greatest King and most powerful God— who also loves us as His children.  And this peace of God we experience is nothing like anything we have ever known.  In fact, He said it “surpasses all understanding” or is beyond anything we can either ask or think in our finite minds (Eph. 3:20).  This peace is infinitely greater than any human reasoning or any logical or rational solution we can come up with ourselves.  Why?  Because God is the source of this peace, and it comes from Him.  It is a gift to us— His promise for those who trust Him with their anxiety and worries.  And why can we experience this peace?  Because all we worry about is now in the mighty and capable hands of our Father, who is also God Almighty, Lord of the Universe— and more than able to take care of our petty problems.

5. Finally, this peace we experience from God has long-term benefits.  It will guard and protect our emotions from constant worry and our minds from fear and doubt and “what could happen in the future” through our Lord Jesus Christ.  In essence, we can now rest and abide in the loving arms of our Father, who literally spoke the universe into existence, and knows the number of hairs on our heads at this very moment (Matt. 10:30).  Do you understand what that means?


So, to quote the famous Alfred E. Neuman motto, “What, Me Worry?”— Yes, there is no need to worry about anything when we make our requests to our Father, who is the Lord Almighty.  Why?  Because our God is greater than everything, smarter than anyone, and His peace surpasses all things.

Now, go and relax in Him.

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