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How to Prepare for the Coming Darkness

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to ask ourselves some tough questions, especially as we see the coming darkness growing over our land and the church.  And for many, that day of self-examination and questioning is today.  Consider the following:

•   What are we to do when we see the darkness rapidly encroaching on everything we hold dear?
•   How do we raise our children in this deeply divided and hostile environment?
•   How are we to remain light in the coming darkness?
•   Where do we find our strength for the journey?
•   Where can we go for our encouragement and motivation to stand strong, come what may?
•   What is going to happen to all we know and love if things keep getting darker?
•   How can we become, today, the believers we need to be, seeing all the surrounding chaos?

The answer is simple.  It is now time to put everything aside and begin to prepare for what lies ahead.  No more denial or sticking our heads in the sand.  It is now time to become a faith prepper.

It’s Time to Become a Faith Prepper

A faith prepper, like any prepper, is one who sees the danger ahead and sacrifices today for tomorrow in order to secure the safety and well being of those he loves.  After all, Noah built the ark before it started to rain.

Consider these two people who both saw the danger, yet only one did anything about it.  Which are you?

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished – Proverbs 22:3.

Just a few more questions.

•   How can we, as individual believers and as a church, work, and sacrifice to become a faith prepper?
•   What is the shortest distance between where we are spiritually and where we need to be?
•   What is the key to intimacy with the Lord?
•   And what is the one area in our spiritual lives that is most lacking?

Answer:  Prayer.

That’s right, the first step to becoming a faith prepper is understanding the importance of prayer.  And we will do that with a 21 Day Prayer Challenge to “Pray Before Anything”.

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