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Has Church Outlived its Usefulness?

Some say that “familiarity breeds contempt,” and this is true even in the church.  We come to church each Sunday to perform our duty to God.  We sing, sometimes.  We listen to the message, hopefully.  And we worship, maybe— and then head back home to do the more important things in our day.  I know this sounds harsh, but it is true, nonetheless.

But church was never meant to be like this.  God created His church, the ekklēsía, to be “a called-out people, an assembly of those called by Christ into the fellowship of His salvation.”  And nowhere does the word church refer to a building, denomination, or tax-exempt entity.

In this message, we will look at the church from a Biblical perspective and see if we can determine what church is and why it’s not working for us today.

Leaving Laodicea | The Survival Manual for the Coming Underground Church

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