After DC, Where Do We Go From Here?

After DC, Where Do We Go From Here?

The following is from Samuel Culpeper with Forward Observer.  I believe this accurately sums up what happened, and didn’t happen, today in DC and what we can expect in the days to come.  Read and be informed.  And be prepared. Then ask yourself, where do we go from here?

Austin, Texas
06 January 2021

I’m writing a quick note this afternoon following today’s protest in Washington D.C. and breach of the Capitol building.  I have three initial thoughts on this and other events that occurred today.

1. Back in November I wrote that, presuming a Biden victory, the Right would assume the mantle of political resistance and proto-insurgent activity.  A Biden administration, after all, will be toeing or crossing red lines on the Second Amendment, religious liberty and the First Amendment, taxes, and a host of other Obama-era policies that riled conservatives enough to form a national protest movement.  I surmised that after a summer of violent attacks, riots, and destruction by the Left, conservatives may be feeling some leeway in how they protest.  After all, we were told for most of last year that riots are just the voice of the unheard.  At a minimum, the grassroots conservative protest movement we saw from 2009 to 2016 is coming back under a third Obama administration, and today is the first notch in that belt.  Low-intensity conflict will continue.

2. Also, let’s reflect on one thing that didn’t happen.  Today’s protest disrupted the Electoral College certification process.  Several Republican politicians noted that today’s protest may have ended what would have otherwise been a marathon of debates where Republicans could lay out evidence of voting irregularities, voter fraud, and unconstitutional activities observed during the election.  It would not have flipped the election results, but it would have put on record exactly what happened during the election.  It’s unclear that Republicans will now continue to protest the certification process, but Biden remains virtually certain to be certified as President-elect, regardless.

3. Naturally, some ask where we go from here.  Some Trump supporters are lamenting today’s breach of the Capitol, which resulted in the death of one Trump supporter who was shot by law enforcement, because it now justifies a more aggressive stance on Trumpism after Trump.  When you can accuse entire swathes of the country of committing or supporting domestic terrorism, you create latitude to act against them.  In short, the Trump purges are coming.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), a Black Lives Matter organizer and democratic socialist, has been in Congress for all of three days.  She announced this afternoon a resolution that calls for the expulsion from Congress those Republicans who “incited this domestic terror attack” through their objections to the Electoral College certification.  The resolution calls for the removal of over 100 representatives and 12 senators, all of whom are Trump Republicans.  It’s just a resolution, but it frames the goal.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said she’s drawing up articles of impeachment against President Trump.  Several Democrat governors, members of Congress, and political organizations are now supporting President Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment.  There will undoubtedly be further support for his removal before he’s likely to leave office in two weeks.

But this is somewhat beside the point, which is that the desire to punish Trump and his supporters will continue long after President Trump is gone.  There are entire databases and excel spreadsheets of Trump donors, supporters, and administration officials likely to be targeted through use of the government, along with political, social, and commercial means.  This will not end the Trump movement, and risks escalation and political violence.

One thing I’m looking at now is the fate of those who trespassed in the Capitol building today.  Their activities and presence were well-documented, and they likely have been or will be identified.  I would note that most of the J20 and George Floyd rioters got off scot-free due to sympathetic district attorneys who dropped charges and judges who threw out cases, but Trump supporters could get the book thrown at them, which will further inflame their movement.

All this means that low-intensity conflict will continue.  Nothing is over and nothing is ending.  The trends that drove conflict for the last decade are still here, even if the political factions are switching sides of the playing field.  It’s going to be a long decade.

Until next time, be well.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper


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30 Ways to Improve Your Home Security Today



30 Ways to Improve Your Home Security Today

30 Ways to Improve Your Home Security Today

A recent video by Reality Survival shows at least 30 ways you can improve the security of your home as we see lawlessness increase nationwide.  These are good steps to take and I would encourage you to consider each one.  They are summarized as follows:

1.  Set up more lights around your property so it looks like more people are at home.
2.  Set up motion detection lights that will flick on when someone walks on your driveway.
3.  Set up infrared driveway alarms to let you know if somebody is on the property.
4.  Eliminate trees or shrubs that could provide unseen entry into your property.
5.  Plant nasty thorny shrubs up close to the windows and entry points of your home.
6.  Clear the shrubs and bushes away from your front door so burglars can’t hide by your entry points.
7.  Use a good concealment device to hide your spare key well away from your doors.
8.  Leave a vehicle parked out on your front driveway when you are away from your home, which makes it look like somebody is home.
9.  Make sure your remote control garage door opener is stored out of sight in your vehicle.
10.  Have security cameras covering the main entry points into the home.
11.  Put an alarm company sign out front.
12.  Get a good outside watchdog.
13.  Get an inside dog (even a small yappy dog can keep some criminals at bay).
14.  Placed deadbolts on all exterior doors.
15.  Place deadbolts that lock on your garage.
16.  Make sure that all exterior doors are either steel case or at least solid hardwood.
17.  Install a steel door jam on all exterior doors.
18.  Cut a broomstick to fit in the door track of a sliding glass door.
19.  Use a dual functioning security bar and wedge it up against a doorknob.
20.  Place a small bell over the doorway so it rings whenever the door is opened up.
21.  During heightened times of security, place a baby monitor close to the most likely entrance(s).
22.  Keep your vehicle keyless entry fob right next to your bed so you can activate the car alarm if you hear somebody entering the home.
23.  Have an ultra-bright flashlight on your nightstand by your weapon of choice.
24.  Keep a good loud whistle to scare burglars and wake up the family in the event of a home invasion.
25.  Keep a baseball bat on hand in addition to a home defense firearm.
26.  Lower your home phone’s ringer and answering machine volume, because burglars can easily find your home phone number and then call it outside of the door to know if you are home.
27.  Leave a radio and the lights on when you are not home (including outside and inside lights).
28.  Use a light timer to automatically turn your lights on and off when you are not home, and rotate the times so it appears randomly at different places in the house.
29.  Install peepholes in each exterior door.
30.  Close the drapes nightly, including the ones on the street side during the day.

For more information, you can watch the video from Reality Survival below. The summary of the 30 security tips is from Urban Survival.

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Should You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
479: Stages of Commitment to Christ
Faith Must be Tested



Should You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Should You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Question: Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The world is spinning, staggering, and struggling from the Chinese coronavirus now called COVID-19 to conceal the fact that it came from China.  The jury is still out whether it was manmade or natural and whether it was released accidentally or used by the Chinese Communist Party as germ warfare.  As of today, there have been more than 12 million confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and more than 260,000 deaths.

However, many of the deaths are suspect since gunshot deaths, heart attacks, etc., were classified as COVID-19.  Hospitals are paid much more if deaths are COVID deaths.  As always, follow the money.  It would be helpful (and honest) if any health official speaking to the media, be required to inform the public if that official holds any relevant patents or any stock in any relevant drug or vaccine company.

It is not commonly known that 56 individual patents were discovered to be owned or shared by one or more members of committees within the Centers for Disease Control.  However, I don’t think the CDC sells masks— yet.

There has been much controversy as to whether masks are useful or useless against COVID; however, a Danish study, released November 18, suggests “face masks did not significantly protect wearers from the coronavirus compared to those without masks.”  The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, may determine and terminate the mask debate.

Are There Limits To What Our Government Can Compel Us To Do?

The issue is bigger than whether a mask helps protect from COVID or not: does any entity of government have the authority to require masks?  The “experts” have been all over the map about this.  Moreover, the worldwide lockdowns have been one of the most contentious, challenged, combative, and caustic decisions government officials have made.  The charge is made that Socialists in the U.S. government want to destroy the present system to build upon its ashes a utopian society.

Whether true or not, the lockdowns have destroyed most of America’s restaurants and almost crippled travel-related businesses. That is true globally.  It seems the cure is worse than the curse by destroying society.

President Trump pushed and bribed health officials and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate efforts to develop a vaccine that would be given freely to Americans.  Many billions of tax dollars were spent to accomplish that purpose.  We are told that two vaccines are about ready, and both are 95% effective.  Another one will be ready in January.

Let me remind you that we have been given medical assurances regarding other diseases with some massive medical failures such as the thalidomide scandal in the 1950s, the HIV-tainted blood scandal in Japan in the 1980s, the swine flu in 2009, and others.  WebMD admitted the flu vaccine for the 2018–2019 season was only 29 percent effective and the vaccine for the 2014-15 flu season was only 19% effective.

But you can trust the COVID vaccine.

Only medical morons or political physicians (but then I repeat myself) would assert that any vaccine or drug is always safe for anyone.

Recently, a nurse at Neighborcare Health clinic in Seattle incorrectly administered a flu shot to a lady instead of her quarterly birth control injection, and she was permanently disabled.

I have some pertinent questions: Are these new vaccines safe?  Are they effective?  Are there any side effects?  Do they contain mercury or formaldehyde, or aluminum, or are they made with aborted baby parts?  Do I have a right to refuse vaccination if I think there may be more harm in the vaccine than in the disease?  Will my government that permits mothers and physicians to kill over a million unborn babies annually, often at taxpayers’ expense, permit me to choose not to be vaccinated?

It is a confirmed fact by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University that current vaccines “for hepatitis A, chickenpox, smallpox, measles, rubella, rabies, poliomyelitis are all made using a cell line from fetuses aborted long ago.”

So, society killed healthy, unborn babies, but the corollary is COVID victims can live because of their deaths.

The package of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine clearly admits: “MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5),” which is “a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male fetus.”  The mother was a healthy 27-year-old who aborted for psychological reasons.  That usually is a cover for the fact the baby would be an inconvenience to the mother, so get rid of the baby, so mom can fit into her best party dress.

The following vaccines contain these MRC-5 cells: “Polio vaccine (inactivated/IPV) & Oral Polio (live virus) drops; Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine/MMR (Rubella component); Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poliomyelitis vaccine (DTaP/TdP); Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine & Shingles (zoster) vaccine; Hepatitis A vaccine; and Rabies vaccine.”

Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas, courageously objected to the use of aborted babies to produce vaccines. He wrote, “So sad…even with Covid-19 we are still debating the use of aborted fetal tissue for medical research…let me go on record…if a vaccine for this virus is only attainable if we use body parts of aborted children, then I will refuse the vaccine…I will not kill children to live.”

Very few Baptist pastors have taken such a courageous position.

American, Canada, and the United Kingdom are being ripped apart by the longtime controversy of vaccine safety.  There are educated, honest people on both sides of this debate, as well as deep-pocket publishers, pharmaceutical companies, research universities, and medical bigots.

And a few fringe fanatics on the left and right who have more toes than teeth add controversy, color, and conflict to the discussion.

What often goes unmentioned is that the American Medical Association does not insist on mandatory vaccinations!  Keep that fact in mind while reading this column.  The thought of forcing any American to take a drug, or treatment, or vaccination is nothing short of tyranny, totalitarianism, and a substantial amount of thuggery.

Every American has the liberty to decide what he or she wants to do with their body as long as a pregnancy is not involved.  In a day when the argument is made that a woman can decide to kill her own unborn baby, a person can decide what gender he/she/it is, whether one can decide if he or she is black or white; then a substantial argument can be made that I have a right to decide if I am to have a foreign substance shot into my body or the body of my child.

Vaccine fanatics are almost cultic toward those who are critical of vaccinations; they are almost as bad as those who believe one is irresponsible if he refuses to take chemotherapy or radiation for cancer.  Admittedly, some anti-vaccine zealots are almost as forceful as their opponents; however, their passion is understandable since it is their children (or themselves) being dragged, kicking and screaming to get the shot that they think may injure or kill them.

From the beginning, everyone must admit that it can often be dangerous when anything is added to a human body.  One of American’s greatest thinkers and theologians, Jonathan Edwards, died because of a smallpox vaccination.  Plus, there have been many deaths following a flu shot, and others have been paralyzed.  No one but a fool or fanatic will allege that vaccinations are always safe.

Peter Doshi is a postdoctoral fellow from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who was critical of flu shots in his first paragraph of “Influenza: marketing vaccine by marketing disease” published in the British Medical Journal.  He wrote, “Closer examination of influenza vaccine policies shows that although proponents employ the rhetoric of science, the studies underlying the policy are often of low quality, and do not substantiate officials’ claims. The vaccine might be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza appears overstated.”

Doshi closed his article with, “It’s no wonder so many people feel that ‘flu shots’ don’t work: for most flus, they can’t.”

Even if the new vaccines are successful, the virus is mutating and could even become more lethal, making the much-vaunted vaccines totally unreliable or even deadly.  We have been told that there were no major side effects from the top three vaccine makers, though no person on earth can guarantee no long-term side effects.  No one.

However, the Observer reported in late October, “In the U.S., there are four companies that are in the final stage of testing their COVID-19 vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.  All of them have reported side effects in trial participants after giving the shots.”

The AMA’s Code of Ethics states, “Physicians should sensitively and respectfully disclose all relevant medical information to patients.”  However, that is not being observed by some health personnel today.  I know of patients who have been berated, bullied, and booted from a physician’s office for asking questions about a vaccine’s ingredients and side effects.  Of course, patients should leave such a doctor’s office without paying and warn others of his arrogant ignorance and belligerency.

Other medical dummies (M.D.s) have even threatened to report challenging parents to the authorities for refusal to vaccinate a child while some children have been removed from their homes because of an ignorant, immature, and insensitive physician.

I am against using any vaccine on recently ill children or multiple vaccines on small children.  Nor should any vaccine be used that contains aborted baby cells, formaldehyde, mercury, or aluminum.  Producing vaccines is like making sausage; you don’t want to watch them dump numerous dangerous ingredients together.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is “one of the most closely watched COVID-19 vaccines” and is expected to be available in January.  The notice on the packaging of the AstraZeneca Vaccine warns, “The MHRA Urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Software tool to process the EXPECTED HIGH VOLUME of Covid 19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and insure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction tests are missed.” (Emphasis in the original.)

I assume you took note of the EXPECTED HIGH VOLUME of adverse drug reactions.

Most Americans don’t know that if a vaccine kills or injures a person for life, they have no way to hold the maker or health provider responsible.  Vaccine makers have federal immunity from prosecution!  Wonder why they need federal protection if the vaccines are safe and effective.

To be effective, the Pfizer vaccine must be kept at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit to remain useable.  What happens if a careless health worker inoculates a patient using a sample that has lost its cool?  At what temperature does it become ineffective or dangerous?  According to the Daily Mail, the vaccine “has no serious side effects,” but no expert knows what happens if a non-frozen dose is given.

Natural News reported, “A new paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) attempts to make the case that people who refuse a future vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) should no longer be allowed to work and make a living.”  Or even travel to see your grandkids.  It is strange that a health magazine is now doing politics.

In a BBC article, Will Travel Be Safer By 2022?, travelers are told what to expect when they travel in the age of COVID.  Namely, that they will need to present their vaccination record via a “digital tattoo.”  When they arrive at their destination, they “would present the customs officers with an entrance visa and a vaccination record. That could be a paper card – or a tiny tattoo on their arm, invisible to the naked eye but readable by an infrared scanner.”

If you take the vaccine to protect your life, you will be setting a precedent to take a little mark on your hand to buy, sell, work, travel, use insurance, etc.

Especially etc.


This article is from Reformation Charlotte and was written by Dr. Don Boys. You can find out more about Dr. Boys at his website,


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Will The US Go The Way Of Venezuela?

Will The US Go The Way Of Venezuela?

We’d all like to believe that the United States is on the road to economic recovery and that things are going to get better.  Everyone wants to think the store shelves are just a few cargo ships away from being refilled. People want to believe that once 2020 is over, life will return to “normal” and that we’re just having a really bad year.

But someone pointed out an article I published four and a half years ago and when you look at the things which happened there and compare them to our situation, you may notice some uncanny similarities.

Here’s how Venezuela ran out of food.

In February of 2016, I wrote about what an economic collapse really looks like, using Venezuela as an illustration.


The article begins when prepping began to be frowned upon by the Venezuelan government.

In 2013, many began to suspect that the outlook for Venezuela was grim when prepping became illegal.  The Attorney General of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called on prosecutors to target people who are “hoarding” basic staples with serious sanctions.

Shortly thereafter, grocery stores instituted a fingerprint registry to purchase food and supplies.  Families had to register and were allotted a certain amount of supplies to prevent “hoarding.”

The United States:

Early in 2020, supplies began to be difficult to find due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the potential of a lockdown.  When folks couldn’t find basics like toilet paper, fingers immediately began to point at “preppers” and “hoarders.”

The word “hoarding” is being repeatedly used throughout news reports.  They’re already working to paint preppers as bad and selfish people.  They’re already vilifying those who hurry out to fill any gaps in their supplies.  They’re making it seem like a mental illness to get prepared for what could potentially be a long stretch of time at home with only the supplies you have on hand.

This is a frequent trick of propagandists everywhere.  Repeat a word often enough and suddenly everyone begins using it.  Everyone begins to believe that the people labeled with an ugly word are terrible, selfish, and threats to decency.

This dialogue is still in place, with people being shamed for large purchases, when in fact, they’re simply getting necessities for a large family.  A friend of mine with a large family has said she’d have to shop every two days with the original limits stores posted to keep everyone in her household well-fed.


It wasn’t long until the basics were incredibly difficult to acquire.

Then, just over a year ago, it became even more apparent that the country was falling when long lines for basic necessities such as laundry soap, diapers, and food became the norm rather than the exception.  Thousands of people were standing in line for 5-6 hours in the hopes that they would be able to purchase a few much-needed items.

The United States:

Writers on this website have talked about the shelves being cleared back in March, what we may see in shortage after halting many imports from China, and the fact that in most parts of the country, the supply chain is clearly broken.

People from all over the country have reported in the comments the bare spots in their local stores, with a few exceptions who say that everything in their part of the nation is back to normal.  Many areas still have limits on how many packages of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and canned goods customers can purchase months after the original panic-fueled shopping sprees.


Shortly after the story broke to the rest of the world, the propaganda machine shifted into high gear.  As the government began to ration electricity, it was announced that this was not due to economic reasons at all, but instead was a measure of their great concern for the environment.

The United States:

We’re looking at you, California, where PG&E, the largest power provider in the state has shut off the power to people in rural areas repeatedly over the past couple of years to “prevent wildfires.”  Millions faced the hottest days of the summer without electricity.


As stores struggled to provide the essentials to customers, the government stepped in to “help.”

As the situation continued to devolve, farmers in Venezuela were forced to hand over their crops last summer.  They assumed control of essential goods like food and began putting retail outlets out of business.  Then, once they had control of the sales outlets, they began forcing farmers and food manufacturers to sell anywhere from 30-100% of their products to the state at the price the state opted to pay, as opposed to stores and supermarkets.

But that wasn’t enough to keep the population fed.  (Isn’t it astonishing how much less motivated people are to produce food and supplies when they are no longer allowed to benefit from their hard work?  Historically, collectivism and farming have never gone successfully hand in hand.)

This January, the government told citizens that they would need to produce their own food.  The Ministry of Urban Farming was created to oversee this.  While self-reliance sounds great, it isn’t so great in Venezuela.  Just so the urban farmers don’t get too self-reliant, a registry of the crops and livestock will be required.  (And obviously, they’ve already proven that they have no issue forcing farmers to hand over what they’ve produced.)

The United States:

As our supply chain devolved, it was learned that farmers in the United States were unable to get their products to the market due to logistics issues, closed packaging plants, and a totally different marketplace.  The President signed an Executive Order to force people to go back to work at meat packaging plants and also tried to organize a way to get food that was just being thrown out to the people who desperately needed it.

Processing plants across the country are shutting down as more and more employees become ill.  At least ten large meat processing plants have closed due to the virus.  Distribution issues have farmers dumping thousands of gallons of milk, plowing under vegetables in the fields, and leaving potatoes to rot.

A lot of the food being produced was destined for restaurants, hotels, and cruise ships.  Diverting it to grocery stores and the millions of people using food banks right now (because they didn’t get their money from unemployment yet, remember?) is unfortunately not as easy as it should be.

One of the issues processing.  With meat, in particular, this is difficult – most folks aren’t even going to be willing to process their own chickens and it’s wildly unrealistic to imagine a family in the city processing a cow or a pig.  With produce, it becomes a little bit easier – anyone can wash fruits and vegetables – but employees are still needed to harvest the food.

A lot of that scarcity could be remedied if we could reallocate things – if janitorial supplies could be sold to the general public, if farmers could sell directly to stores or consumers, and if farmers could donate unpurchased items to food banks.

To summarize, farmers are losing billions of dollars and people are going without food, while the food we have is left to rot.  Hopefully, President Trump’s new 19 billion dollar plan will allow the federal government to play matchmaker between frustrated farmers and hungry families.

So while nobody has insisted farmers hand over their crops without compensation, the government is clearly getting involved in the distribution of food.


Eventually, all the measures the government of Venezuela took to hide the catastrophic collapse from citizens could hold up no longer.

Venezuela is out of food.

After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and the opposition government has declared a “nutritional emergency.”  This is just the most recent nail in the beleaguered country’s slow, painful economic collapse.

Many people expect an economic collapse to be shocking, instant, and dramatic, but really, it’s far more gradual than that. It looks like empty shelves, long lines, desperate government officials trying to cover their tushes, and hungry people.  For the past two years, I’ve been following the situation in Venezuela as each shocking event has unfolded. Americans who feel that our country would be better served by a socialist government would be wise to take note of this timeline of the collapse.

It only took 3 years from the first report (about making “hoarding” illegal) for the once oil-rich country to fall into ruin so extreme that there wasn’t enough food for everyone.

The United States:

While we are by no means at the point where there is no more food, there are all sorts of warning signs that day could come – and sooner than expected.  Many aspects of our system are crumbling, the supply chain is definitely broken, stores are already preparing for the second wave of shortages, and a simulation has predicted a 400% increase in the price of food by 2030.

An important side note

I’m sure it’s merely a coincidence but Venezuelans lost their firearms at around the same time “hoarding” was deemed illegal.

Were you aware that Venezuela banned guns for private citizens a mere four years ago, in 2012?  Although the country was already in trouble, it seems like that was the beginning of the end.

Under the reign of Hugo Chavez, the government introduced a law that banned personal purchases of firearms and ammunition in an attempt to “improve security and cut crime”.  The law was designed to keep guns in the hands of only police, military, and some security companies.

At the time, Chavez’s government said that “the ultimate aim is to disarm all civilians.”  Shortly after the law passed, Chavez lost a battle to cancer, and bus driver Nicolas Maduro became the new president.

Maduro invested $47 million in “disarmament centers” in 2014, where citizens could turn in their firearms without fear of repercussions.  This was at about the same time as the government declared that prepping was illegal and those “hoarding” could be detained on criminal charges and when the country instituted a fingerprint registry for purchasing groceries so that they could ensure people only purchased what they were allotted.

Most readers of this website are well aware of concentrated efforts across the United States to undermine the Second Amendment over the past 9 years it has been operating.  For more information on these efforts, check out these articles.

How far will we fall in the United States?

This side-by-side comparison is certainly not identical to the crisis in Venezuela, but there are enough similarities that you should be very uncomfortable with our situation.  We strongly encourage efforts to become more self-reliant, stocking up on food and other supplies, and frugality in the days ahead.

Those who are prepared may still struggle but they’ll be far better off than those who are completely blindsided by the continued collapse.


Originally published at The Organic Prepper — reposted with permission.


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Our Uncertain Times

Our Uncertain Times

The following article is from Jan Markell with Olive Tree Ministries.  She speaks with such wisdom regarding the uncertain times in which we live and the failure of the church to be the church.  I pray you will read this and vow to be different.  After all, from a Biblical perspective, we are not living in uncertain times, but in exciting, prophetic times.


So many write to me expressing shock, and even horror, at the tide of our times here in 2020.  They see America crumbling under the weight of sin, debt, violence, immorality, and strong delusion.  Right is wrong, black is white, evil is good, and good is evil.

We Are In the Center of the Storm

People of faith are in the bulls-eye so to speak!  Churches are inconvenient.  The remnant of true believers is growing smaller while the Laodicea churches are mushrooming!  Many churches have not even re-opened yet, and some are saying they won’t until 2021!

Many don’t even know how to think about the future much less plan for it.  People write about “uncertainty”.  Will things get worse?  Probably.  How can we plan ahead if the turmoil is going to continue?

A Word Fitly Spoken

Then a pastor sent me this e-mail:

“We don’t live in uncertain times.  Not at all! These times are as certain as any time in all of human history, and the God of the universe laid out this time in great detail, point by point, and in fact, with all the detail needed by His people, to live in times of absolute certainty!  So no, there’s nothing uncertain about the times we live in to the believer who is seeking to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

It’s All Aligning

He is right!  The Bible outlined all the “things to come” in great detail and they are shaping up:

•  The global government has to form and it is in the process.  All governments will become more authoritarian along the way! With the new CDC report that just 6% of Covid deaths are directly attributed to the virus, the “pandemic” was but the crisis the globalists couldn’t let go to waste.
•  God is sending a final warning to a sinful world.
•  For the Church, God is shaking us up, trying to wake us up so that we will look up!  There is Tribulation stage-setting going on such as today’s lawlessness— a precursor of what is to come when the Church is gone.
•  We are in the predicted last days’ perilous times (2 Timothy 3).
•  America is going to lose international power so that the European power player can arise.
•  Politics are important but they won’t save America.  Government will be quite dysfunctional until Jesus rules from Jerusalem.  Only a nation “under God” can be blessed and we have one political party that is at war with God.  They want government to be god.
•  There are terrible consequences when a nation goes astray and succumbs to a Romans 1 mentality.  The Church is still here to put a lid on total chaos and some delusion as well.  Just wait until we are gone.

Are the Pulpits Still Silent?

I have referenced an April LifeWay poll before but it takes on even more meaning now.  It revealed that a “vast majority of pastors see end times in our current events.”  Are they talking about this from their pulpits and re-assuring their people?  I do not think so.

Are they sharing about our glorious future, giving assurance to people?  How about talking about the “blessed hope” now that hope in the world is fading?

I am not optimistic that they are! Rather, are they telling people that they can have their best life now?  Hasn’t that all been proven to be a lie?  Are they giving some end-time warnings?

A whopping 97% of those polled by LifeWay Research believe Jesus Christ will literally and personally return to earth again and 55% expect Jesus to return in their lifetime.  This makes for tremendous sermon material! It also calms the mind and soul in troubled times.

Pastors, please don’t be silent!  Some people are losing things precious to them: businesses, jobs, even lives, or the lives of loved ones.  Depression and suicides are at all-time highs.

The Most Certain Times in All of Human History!

Are they, then, re-assuring their people as my pastor friend did?  Let me quote him again.  He said, “We don’t live in uncertain times. Not at all!  These times are as certain as any time in all of human history, and the God of the universe has laid out this time in great detail, point by point, and in fact, with all the detail needed by His people to live in times of absolute certainty.”

A secular talk show host said that “A blanket of darkness has been thrown over us.”  But the believer cannot and must not think that way!  An opportunity has been handed to us!  Desperate people are more inclined to listen.

Things really aren’t falling apart. In fact, they are orchestrated. To suggest something is falling apart is to say they are out of God’s control. Nothing could be further from the truth as it concerns the last days.  It’s just that your average Christian does not know the road map through the final days even though the Bible spends almost one-third of its pages talking about them!

In fact, everything is falling into place. Stay cool. Look up. The King is coming. It may be today! And you can’t throw a blanket of darkness over anyone with an eternal perspective.


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Global Upheaval
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Global Upheaval

Global Upheaval

For years I have followed Hal Lindsey and have listened to his take on world events.  Now, at 90, he still has his finger on the pulse of what is happening all around us and how it fits into Biblical prophecy.  This short post is no exception.  I received the following yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  It is titled, Global Upheaval, and speaks of the sinister, satanic foundation behind much of what is happening globally today.  Read and be blessed— and forewarned.

Global Upheaval

The world changes.  Sometimes it changes quickly.  The two world wars of the 20th century created massive upheavals, as did the Black Death pestilence of the 14th century.  Some upheavals are caused by new technologies, such as the printing press, the internal combustion engine, the telephone, or gunpowder.  Sometimes political revolutions cause fast and massive change, and sometimes big changes come from simple ideas, including bad ones.

Today, several of those things are happening at once.  With Covid-19 as a trigger, we see revolutions all around us.  Technical revolutions that should have been for our good have been subverted.  Ideas that history has repeatedly proven wrong and dangerous, are rising with a new sense of inevitability.

One of the unique things about this year is that these massive societal upheavals are global.  Most of history’s revolutions have been localized, but the changes going on now are going on everywhere.  And they are all moving in a specific direction— the direction laid out in the Bible thousands of years ago.

For decades now, government and corporate surveillance of citizens has been growing, but mostly hidden.  The pandemic has made the invasion of privacy suddenly seem laudable.  To keep the virus in check, the world is rapidly building the infrastructure of the Antichrist.  That means building a surveillance infrastructure that will allow governments to watch every move their citizens make and be able to use Artificial Intelligence to interpret those moves.

Covid’s economic destruction is wreaking havoc on capitalism everywhere, making citizens of all nations increasingly dependent on government.  That’s what antichrist will need— a population full of people depending on government rather than their own hard work and creativity.

To bring new benefits and more relief to the public, governments are printing money hand over fist.  This can only go on so long before it brings its own disaster.  The mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13:16-18 means that, in the future, world leaders will give control of the entire global economy to the Antichrist and his cohort, the False Prophet.  They will do that either because of a global economic collapse or their fear of one.  (But it won’t work for long because the Bible describes at least two more economic disasters after Antichrist comes to power.)

Bible prophecies also say that near the time of Christ’s return, there will be increased levels of anti-Semitism and of the persecution of Christians.  Back in the 1960s and 70s, ideas like free speech and inclusiveness were primary tenets of campus liberalism.  Not anymore.  Today we have something popularly known as “cancel culture.”

And if you want to be canceled fast, just quote one of the Bible’s less popular passages— Old Testament or New.  Another way to do it is to identify with Israel, or tell the real story of Israel’s formation.  People are losing their jobs because of Sunday School lessons taught 20 years ago.

How should we respond to these things?  Like Christians.  In Matthew 5:44, Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  But you will not respond in love if you are hysterical with fear.  So, follow an instruction given in the Bible hundreds of times—  “Fear not.”  In John 14:27, Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

Live in His peace.  Love your neighbor.  Pray with expectation.  He’s coming soon!


To read the article, Global Upheaval, on Hal Lindsey’s website, click – HERE


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