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We are living in dark times. Hatred runs rampant through our society, which is filled with racism, dishonesty, immorality, corruption, and greed. We need to forget about political correctness and instead get serious about our spiritual lives and the state of our souls.

Leaving Laodicea focuses on the wisdom in Proverbs and how it can be applied to contemporary life. This wisdom will give us the strength to face the uncertain future, especially when Christians are soon to be persecuted for upholding their beliefs.

This detailed, twenty-one day study, will invite you to spend more time thinking about God’s Word to unlock the deeper truths hidden within.  Leaving Laodicea draws from both Solomon’s writing and prophecies in the book of Revelation, reminding us that judgment is coming.  In fact, it’s right around the corner.

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488:  What Can We Learn About Church From the Early Church

488: What Can We Learn About Church From the Early Church

There is an old saying that goes, Success Breeds Success.  And this is true.  But the opposite is also true.  Failure Follows Failure.  In other words, if we do the same thing we have failed in the same way, yet expect it to be successful, we are fools.  This also goes for how we do church today.   The book of Acts shows us what church should be like and yet we fail to heed its advice.  Why is that?  And what can we learn about church from the early church?

How did the early church “do” church, as we call it today?  What was their worship service like?  The following are some things they incorporated into their time of corporate worship.  When you read these, ask yourself this, What are we doing that they didn’t do?  And what have we added to our worship service that they did not?  Your answer may surprise you.

•   There was a time of singing.
•   There was a reading of His Word.
•   There was an exposition of His Word.
•   There was a time of ministry to each other.
•   There was a time of sharing for others in need.
•   There was a time to partake of the Lord’s Supper.
•   There was a time of prayer.
•   There was a time of praise and testimony.
•   There was a time of humility and confession.
•   There was a time of verbal commitment to Him.
•   And there was a time of fellowship and the sharing of a common meal.

Does this look like your Sunday morning time together?

487:  You Can Always Begin Again Tomorrow

487: You Can Always Begin Again Tomorrow

One of the great things about the Lord is the fact He is slow to anger and abounds in mercy.  In fact, Lamentations says “Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.  They (His compassions) are new every morning; Great is Your (His) faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22-23).  Do you know what that means?  It means no matter how bad yesterday was, we can always begin again tomorrow with our God.  Always!

Do you believe that?  Do you truly believe that?

If so, it means that no matter how great your sin, or failure, or disappointment, or bitterness, or unanswered prayer you suffered from yesterday, it is just that— yesterday’s news.  And today it is all forgotten, all forgiven, all put to rest.

God promises His compassion is new, fresh, and in abundant supply every time we open our eyes and behold the new morning.  They are new every morning.  Not some mornings, but every morning.  God provides His mercy and compassion to us each new day, regardless of how we defiled the day before.

Therefore, in wonder and appreciation, we cry out to our God, “Great is Your faithfulness!”

486:  What Do I Believe?

486: What Do I Believe?

After all the chaos and upheaval we’ve seen in our country these past few weeks that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of our republic and the church, we have come to a place in our lives where we must ask ourselves the question, What do I believe?

That’s right.  What do I believe?

•   What am I willing to die for?
•   What is the mission and calling of my life?
•   What means the most to me?
•   And what truth will I not compromise on?

Or, as Martin Luther said when commanded to recant his beliefs to save his life, “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.”

So let me ask you, what do you believe about the times in which we live?

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