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Leaving Laodicea

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The following is from the back cover.

We are living in dark times. Hatred runs rampant through our society, which is filled with racism, dishonesty, immorality, corruption, and greed. We need to forget about political correctness and instead get serious about our spiritual lives and the state of our souls.

Leaving Laodicea focuses on the wisdom in Proverbs and how it can be applied to contemporary life. This wisdom will give us the strength to face the uncertain future, especially when Christians are soon to be persecuted for upholding their beliefs.

This detailed, twenty-one day study, will invite you to spend more time thinking about God’s Word to unlock the deeper truths hidden within.  Leaving Laodicea draws from both Solomon’s writing and prophecies in the book of Revelation, reminding us that judgment is coming.  In fact, it’s right around the corner.

Leaving Laodicea - Free Book
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