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A faker is defined as someone who presents a false or misleading representation of themselves or someone who is not authentic or genuine, a sham.

Many church members today are fakers.  And the person they fake out the most is themselves.  They believe they are saved because they prayed a prayer, or walked an aisle, or raised a hand, or were baptised, or whatever— yet true salvation never took place.  They became part of the great throng of baptised, unsaved, church members.

How?  How can that be?  Because they skipped a key step in salvation.  They went from God’s effectual call straight to conversion without the sovereign act of regeneration taking place.

And that makes them a faker.  And being a faker is a terrible place to be.

Want to know more about being a fake Christian and how to find true, authentic, genuine faith?  Then keep listening.

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The following is a study on Saving Faith.

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