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The following is from Samuel Culpeper with Forward Observer.  I believe this accurately sums up what happened, and didn’t happen, today in DC and what we can expect in the days to come.  Read and be informed.  And be prepared. Then ask yourself, where do we go from here?

Austin, Texas
06 January 2021

I’m writing a quick note this afternoon following today’s protest in Washington D.C. and breach of the Capitol building.  I have three initial thoughts on this and other events that occurred today.

1. Back in November I wrote that, presuming a Biden victory, the Right would assume the mantle of political resistance and proto-insurgent activity.  A Biden administration, after all, will be toeing or crossing red lines on the Second Amendment, religious liberty and the First Amendment, taxes, and a host of other Obama-era policies that riled conservatives enough to form a national protest movement.  I surmised that after a summer of violent attacks, riots, and destruction by the Left, conservatives may be feeling some leeway in how they protest.  After all, we were told for most of last year that riots are just the voice of the unheard.  At a minimum, the grassroots conservative protest movement we saw from 2009 to 2016 is coming back under a third Obama administration, and today is the first notch in that belt.  Low-intensity conflict will continue.

2. Also, let’s reflect on one thing that didn’t happen.  Today’s protest disrupted the Electoral College certification process.  Several Republican politicians noted that today’s protest may have ended what would have otherwise been a marathon of debates where Republicans could lay out evidence of voting irregularities, voter fraud, and unconstitutional activities observed during the election.  It would not have flipped the election results, but it would have put on record exactly what happened during the election.  It’s unclear that Republicans will now continue to protest the certification process, but Biden remains virtually certain to be certified as President-elect, regardless.

3. Naturally, some ask where we go from here.  Some Trump supporters are lamenting today’s breach of the Capitol, which resulted in the death of one Trump supporter who was shot by law enforcement, because it now justifies a more aggressive stance on Trumpism after Trump.  When you can accuse entire swathes of the country of committing or supporting domestic terrorism, you create latitude to act against them.  In short, the Trump purges are coming.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), a Black Lives Matter organizer and democratic socialist, has been in Congress for all of three days.  She announced this afternoon a resolution that calls for the expulsion from Congress those Republicans who “incited this domestic terror attack” through their objections to the Electoral College certification.  The resolution calls for the removal of over 100 representatives and 12 senators, all of whom are Trump Republicans.  It’s just a resolution, but it frames the goal.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said she’s drawing up articles of impeachment against President Trump.  Several Democrat governors, members of Congress, and political organizations are now supporting President Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment.  There will undoubtedly be further support for his removal before he’s likely to leave office in two weeks.

But this is somewhat beside the point, which is that the desire to punish Trump and his supporters will continue long after President Trump is gone.  There are entire databases and excel spreadsheets of Trump donors, supporters, and administration officials likely to be targeted through use of the government, along with political, social, and commercial means.  This will not end the Trump movement, and risks escalation and political violence.

One thing I’m looking at now is the fate of those who trespassed in the Capitol building today.  Their activities and presence were well-documented, and they likely have been or will be identified.  I would note that most of the J20 and George Floyd rioters got off scot-free due to sympathetic district attorneys who dropped charges and judges who threw out cases, but Trump supporters could get the book thrown at them, which will further inflame their movement.

All this means that low-intensity conflict will continue.  Nothing is over and nothing is ending.  The trends that drove conflict for the last decade are still here, even if the political factions are switching sides of the playing field.  It’s going to be a long decade.

Until next time, be well.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

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