Better Late Than Never

A recent video by Reality Survival shows at least 30 ways you can improve the security of your home as we see lawlessness increase nationwide.  These are good steps to take and I would encourage you to consider each one.  They are summarized as follows:

1.  Set up more lights around your property so it looks like more people are at home.
2.  Set up motion detection lights that will flick on when someone walks on your driveway.
3.  Set up infrared driveway alarms to let you know if somebody is on the property.
4.  Eliminate trees or shrubs that could provide unseen entry into your property.
5.  Plant nasty thorny shrubs up close to the windows and entry points of your home.
6.  Clear the shrubs and bushes away from your front door so burglars can’t hide by your entry points.
7.  Use a good concealment device to hide your spare key well away from your doors.
8.  Leave a vehicle parked out on your front driveway when you are away from your home, which makes it look like somebody is home.
9.  Make sure your remote control garage door opener is stored out of sight in your vehicle.
10.  Have security cameras covering the main entry points into the home.
11.  Put an alarm company sign out front.
12.  Get a good outside watchdog.
13.  Get an inside dog (even a small yappy dog can keep some criminals at bay).
14.  Placed deadbolts on all exterior doors.
15.  Place deadbolts that lock on your garage.
16.  Make sure that all exterior doors are either steel case or at least solid hardwood.
17.  Install a steel door jam on all exterior doors.
18.  Cut a broomstick to fit in the door track of a sliding glass door.
19.  Use a dual functioning security bar and wedge it up against a doorknob.
20.  Place a small bell over the doorway so it rings whenever the door is opened up.
21.  During heightened times of security, place a baby monitor close to the most likely entrance(s).
22.  Keep your vehicle keyless entry fob right next to your bed so you can activate the car alarm if you hear somebody entering the home.
23.  Have an ultra-bright flashlight on your nightstand by your weapon of choice.
24.  Keep a good loud whistle to scare burglars and wake up the family in the event of a home invasion.
25.  Keep a baseball bat on hand in addition to a home defense firearm.
26.  Lower your home phone’s ringer and answering machine volume, because burglars can easily find your home phone number and then call it outside of the door to know if you are home.
27.  Leave a radio and the lights on when you are not home (including outside and inside lights).
28.  Use a light timer to automatically turn your lights on and off when you are not home, and rotate the times so it appears randomly at different places in the house.
29.  Install peepholes in each exterior door.
30.  Close the drapes nightly, including the ones on the street side during the day.

For more information, you can watch the video from Reality Survival below. The summary of the 30 security tips is from Urban Survival.

Leaving Laodicea | The Survival Manual for the Coming Underground Church

Leaving Laodicea | The Survival Manual for the Coming Underground Church

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